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Bringing a wealth of expertise and passion to our clinic, drawing from diverse backgrounds in specialised fields.

Dr Simon Jones


Trained in internal medicine, before specialising in sports and exercise medicine, spending years working with Premier League football teams. Immersed in this world of high performance and health optimisation, he developed a holistic approach to care to maximise people’s health potential.

Dr Michael Gough


Graduating University of Birmingham in 2012. Over the following years he worked in multiple disciplines within Gerontology to acquire a comprehensive understanding to the ageing process and the diseases associated with ageing.  He is now using that experience to provide focused preventive medicine though The Span Clinic.

Rebecca Taylor

Holding a first-class Master’s in Personalised Nutrition (Nutrigenetics) from London University St Mary’s, Rebecca is a Registered Nutritionist specialising in precision nutrition and its role in longevity.

Claire Saunders


Claire holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Nutrition and is a certified nutrition educator. With two decades of experience in the sports sector, she develops personalised nutrition programmes and specialise in strategies that promote optimal health and slow down the aging process.


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